Career Readiness Framework

Welcome to Kent ISD's Career Readiness Framework! This tool contains resources and information for preparing students at various grade levels for exciting career and postsecondary education pathways. Each grade band has its own set of steps for guiding students through their career discovery and preparation. Some information is relevant to multiple grade bands, while other resources pertain to specific grade bands. 

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Decorative image of construction craneDeveloping Career-Ready Graduates

What if someone were to ask you “So, what is a career ready graduate, and what does one ‘look’ like?”  How would you respond to that question?  Read MoreOn Career Ready Graduates

About This FrameworkAbout this Framework

In 2018 Michigan’s legislators passed PA’s 229, 230 and 231. These laws reinforced the need for school districts to: 1) incorporate grade-appropriate career development instruction...Read MoreOn This Framework

Next StepsNavigating this Tool

Just as each subject area creates detailed plan of what to teach and when and how it should progress, we, too, have created our own scope-and-sequence of learning opportunities... Read More on navigating this tool

Next StepsNext Steps

Educators, what supports do you need in providing your K-12 students with the College and Career Readiness (CCR) resources necessary to be successful once they leave your buildings? Read More on next steps

For StudentsFor Students

Welcome students! We’re glad you’ve decided to look around. You’ve probably been asked a thousand times already: What do you want to be when you “grow up?” Read More for students

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