Homeless and Foster Care

Homeless Students / McKinney-Vento Grant

Kent ISD is committed to helping our students who are experiencing homelessness through the McKinney-Vento grant. Each public school district and academy has a Homeless Liaison who assists with enrollment, academic support, and ongoing needs.

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Homeless Data Entry Tool for Liaisons

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Are you living in a shelter, car, park, abandoned building, campground, motel, bus / train station or doubled-up with other people due to loss of housing and economic hardship?

Children in Kindergarten - 12th grade and children in state or federal funded preschool programs have the right to:

  • receive a free, appropriate public education
  • enroll in school immediately, even if lacking documents that are normally required
  • enroll in the local school or continue at their school of origin (determined by the best interest of the student)
  • receive transportation to and from the school of origin if needed  
  • eligibility for federal breakfast and lunch programs
  • receive educational services comparable to other children, according to their needs

Need help?

  • Call 211  for immediate assistance with housing, shelter, and other needs
  • For The Bridge (youth shelter), call 616.451.3001 
  • National Runaway Safeline - 1-800-RUNAWAY (1-800-786-2929)

Casey Gordon

Supervisor of Special Populations
Phone: 365-2337

NCHE Rights Posters

Parent / Family Posters
English, Arabic, Burmese, Kinyarwanda, Spanish, Swahili

Youth Posters
English, Kinyarwanda, Spanish

MV Consortium Meetings 23/24
*all meetings are in-person

Kent ISD dates:

  • August 31 at 1 p.m.
  • November & February regional, TBD
  • April 18 at 1 p.m.

Allegan AESA dates:

  • September 26
  • January 23
  • April 23